Fellowship of the American Society of Echocardiography


Congratulations to all September 2012 FASE Recipients!

Bernard E. Bulwer, MD, MSc, FASE       Brett M. Carlson, MD, FASE                Joshua M. Zimmerman, MD, FASE

Susan E. Dillon, RDCS, FASE                Reza Fazel, MD, MSc, FASE                Samuel Unzek Freiman, MD, FASE

Shobha R. Hiremagalur, MD, FASE       Christopher J. Kramer, RDCS, FASE    Shaji C. Menon, MD, FASE

Lauren C. Motola, BS, RDCS, FASE       Alexander Ng, MB, ChB, MD, FASE      James Pemberton, MD, FASE

Vijay U. Rao, MD, PhD, FASE                 Pingle S. Reddy, MD, FASE                 Mingxing Xie, MD, PhD, FASE

Girish Dwivedi, MBBS, MD, MRCP (UK), DM, PhD, FASE                              


Ready to Become a Leader in the Field of Cardiovascular Ultrasound?
Become a Fellow  of the American Society of Echocardiography.


As the largest global organization for cardiovascular ultrasound imaging, The American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) is the leader and advocate, setting practice standards and guidelines.  Comprised of over 15,000 physicians, sonographers, nurses and scientists, ASE is a strong voice providing guidance, expertise and education to its members with a commitment to improving the practice of ultrasound and imaging of the heart and cardiovascular system for better patient outcomes.

Fellowship with the American Society of Echocardiography recognizes the dedicated ASE member with a diverse set of skills and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of echocardiography. SeeMyHeart, ASE's public information website, lists ICAEL accredited laboratories and Fellows of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE) as a service to the public. You may search for FASE by Country or State on www.SeeMyHeart.org.

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Who are FASE?

What does FASE mean?

Why be a FASE?

How do I become a FASE?

Contact Information


Who are FASE?

Physicians, Sonographers or Scientists who live in North America and abroad.


What does FASE mean?

Your colleagues recognize you as a leader in the field. FASE recognizes the dedicated ASE member with a diverse set of skills and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of cardiovascular ultrasound.


Why be a FASE?
  • ASE members who wish to be a member of the ASE Board, or be a Chair or Vice-Chair on one of our numerous committees must hold FASE designation
  • FASE certificate
  • Early bird registration for Scientific Sessions
  • Access to FASE lounge at Scientific Sessions for unique networking and VIP amenities
  • Listing for the public by state on the ASE public information website www.SeeMyHeart.org
  • FASE pin
  • Special FASE ribbon at ASE meetings
  • Recognition at ASE meetings and in the Scientific Sessions Final Program
  • Press release notification
How do I become a FASE? 
     Application Deadlines

All required materials need to be received by the following deadines:

  • March 1st
  • June 1st
  • September 1st
  • December  1st  

All material can be submitted via fax, email or post and can arrive as a group or separately. Materials need to be complete, up-to-date, and submitted in English.

     Requirements for Application

Contact Information


Please send all correspondence to:

FASE Committee
2100 Gateway Centre Blvd., Suite 310
Morrisville, NC 27560


For Questions, please contact us at adart@asecho.org.