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Echo VOL 7 | Issue 1

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New Resource: Cardiovascular Point-of-Care Imaging for the Medical Student and Novel User

ASE’s latest educational tool, Cardiovascular Point-of-Care Imaging for the Medical Student and Novel User, introduces basic cardiac point-of-care ultrasound concepts for all stages of medical school. The Program Curriculum, which is free for ASE members and nonmembers, is modular in format allowing educators and learners to select the components needed to either enhance their existing ultrasound programming, or to use the modules as a starting point to deliver cardiovascular ultrasound education. Modules include anatomy, integration with the physical exam, pathology, teach the teacher, and testing themes. This new educational resource was developed by an ASE task force, led by Amer Johri, MD, FASE, and is endorsed by ASE partners including WINFOCUS and the Canadian Society of Echocardiography (CSE).

In Case You Missed It: ASE Published Its First Guideline Summary, Featuring Chamber Quantification

The ASE Workflow and Lab Management Task Force has been working to summarize guidelines in order to improve the implementation in echo labs across the country. The first Guideline Summary Document was officially completed in August: ASE’s Recommendations for Cardiac Chamber Quantification in Adults: A Quick Reference Guide from the ASE Workflow and Lab Management Task Force. And coming soon – the Left Ventricular Diastolic Function Guideline Summary!