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Enhance Your Practice with the Updated Best of ASE DVDs

Many new educational resources are being developed by ASE experts to help you enhance your practice. There is something for every level of training. Make sure you to log into your member portal to receive your discount. Here are two of the latest updated Best of ASE Volumes:

  • 2nd Edition: Best of ASE, Volume 5: Contrast Echocardiography
    This compilation is a comprehensive review of ultrasound enhancing agents (UEA) in echocardiography, from the basics to the cutting edge. The second edition covers everything that the general cardiologist, echocardiographer, or sonographer needs to know about UEAs in echocardiography.
  • 2nd Edition: Best of ASE, Volume 6: Echocardiographic Imaging of Native and Prosthetic Valves
    This valve lecture series includes a comprehensive overview of the latest in diagnostic evaluation and quantification of regurgitant and stenotic lesions as well as detailed discussions on the role of echocardiography in today’s surgical and catheter-based interventions.

Visit to see all of ASE’s educational resources. If you are having trouble accessing your member portal, please contact

Call for Photos – Give Us Your Best Shot!

The ASE Foundation is accepting photo entries through March 31 for the 4th Annual “Images from the Heart” photo exhibit. The curated photo exhibit that will be on display during ASE 2019 in Portland will feature photographs taken while ASE members were participating in humanitarian or training events that were medical in nature. The photographs themselves need not be medically themed, but may capture faces of people met along the way, landscapes, cultural observations, etc. The ASEF photo exhibit will be open to entries by all members of ASE, regardless of whether the medical humanitarian event was sponsored by ASEF or another non-profit/NGO organization. Visit for entry details.

Photo: “Enjoy my Cuban Ride” taken by Federico M. Asch, MD, FASE

Interested in Serving on an ASE Council Steering Committee?

Did you know Council membership is open to all ASE members with an interest in the field, regardless of their area of practice? Each of these Councils has a Steering Committee leadership group, that provides input and guidance to the organization for this area of practice. These volunteer positions include a ladder position to a seat on ASE’s Board of Directors for the Chair of the Council. All four ASE Council Steering Committees (Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease, Perioperative Echocardiography, Vascular Ultrasound, and Cardiovascular Sonography) are now accepting applications/nominations for open positions through March 8, 2019. Please contact Natalya Read at for additional information.

New ASE Guideline in JASE on Performing TEE Exam in CHD Patients

The February JASE contains, “Guidelines for Performing a Comprehensive Transesophageal Echocardiographic Examination in Children and All Patients with Congenital Heart Disease: Recommendations from the American Society of Echocardiography.” The prior guideline for TEE was published in 2005 and focused on when to do it, how to do it, and who should do it. Writing group chair, Michael D. Puchalski, MD, FASE, said, “This new paper really expands on that in a significant way by providing a comprehensive protocol for image acquisition. We recommend numerous views to evaluate a wide variety of congenital heart conditions and have added 3D echo, which did not exist in 2005. The technologic advancements in the last decade or more have expanded the use of TEE to guide interventions in the catheterization lab and improve operative outcomes from the smallest babies to the oldest adult.”

Other JASE articles include a state-of-the-art review on pathophysiology and echocardiographic diagnosis of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction and clinical investigations on three-dimensional echocardiography of the tricuspid valve, left atrial function and heart failure risk, cardio-oncology, echocardiographic markers of high risk Chagas cardiomyopathy, and fetal echocardiography along with a preclinical investigation on three-dimensional echocardiographic holography. James N. Kirkpatrick, MD, FASE, and Alan S. Pearlman, MD, FASE, penned the article, “Ethical Challenges in the Practice of Echocardiography: What is Right and How Do We Do It?” based on the 2018 Richard Kerber Lecture on Ethics and Humanitarianism. The Blue Pages include the President’s Message by Jonathan R. Lindner, MD, FASE, “Technology is Sometimes a Double-edged Sword,” and the COPE column, “Perioperative Echocardiography in a Multi-Disciplinary Care Team,” by Himani Bhatt, MD, MPA, FASE, and Sheela Pai Cole, MD, FASE.

There is Still Time to Register for SOTA – Final Program Available

There is Still Time to Register for SOTA – Final Program Available
You will not want to miss the 32nd Annual State-of-the-Art Echocardiography, February 16-18, 2019, that includes an expanded computer-based session, a sonographer-only session, TMVR, TAVR, LAA occlusion cases, and advance strain imaging. You will learn from a powerhouse team led by Drs. Bijoy Khandheria, William Zoghbi, and Roberto Lang. During the course, over 100 cases will be presented on themes of structural heart disease, myocardial and pericardial disease, coronary artery disease, and interventional echocardiography.

On February 15-16, there is an optional learning lab that is limited to 100 registrants. This allows for easy access to the expert faculty and nearly private instruction. The location for this one-of-a-kind course is the beautiful Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, California. This family-friendly resort was ranked in the Conde Nast Top 25 Top Resorts in Southern California: Readers’ Choice Awards 2018. Learn more here, download the Final Program, and register today.

Celebrate American Heart Month with ASEF!

Celebrate American Heart Month with ASEF!

In honor of American Heart Month, the ASE Foundation is hosting its third annual Spread the Love campaign. We invite you to thank those who have supported you in your career. Who has left a lasting impact on you? Think about those individuals who have played an important role and thank them with a donation in their honor!

Here’s how it works: make a donation by February 12th and include the name and email address of the person you would like to honor. Then on Thursday, February 14th, the Foundation will send a special electronic Valentine’s Day card to that person thanking them for the role they have played in your career. You may also leave a personal message if you would like!

Give a gift that supports the future of our field while honoring those who have supported you throughout your career. Join the Foundation in Spreading the Love! Questions? Contact

Transesophageal Echocardiography in Congenital Heart Disease – A Vital Component in Imaging

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most common form of birth defect worldwide. In the United States alone, over 40,000 children are born annually with CHD and the number of children and adults living with CHD is estimated at two to three million. Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) has always been an essential non-invasive diagnostic tool for pediatric cardiologists, but recent advances in transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) technology have led to its increasing importance in the care of both children and adults with CHD. A new document, Guidelines for Performing a Comprehensive Transesophageal Echocardiographic Examination in Children and All Patients with Congenital Heart Disease: Recommendations from the American Society of Echocardiography, provides a comprehensive review of the optimal application of TEE for patients with CHD. Read more here.