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ASE Statement Regarding AI and Ultrasound

ASE is a strong proponent for innovation in the field of ultrasound and has been actively engaged in fostering artificial intelligence (AI) to assist guidance of optimal image acquisition for cardiovascular ultrasound. We believe this type of innovation could be an ally to help meet the demands of a growing number of people who are in need of cardiovascular care as obesity and diabetes levels continue to rise around the world. Computer assisted guidance of optimal image acquisition can support sonographers in obtaining high-quality image acquisition following the guidelines and standards for the optimal practice of echocardiography. The Society believes vigorous scientific protocols are needed when creating these AI algorithms as the end products need to take into account many factors including gender, ethnicity, age, etc. that research has shown can dramatically change the testing outcomes.

We applaud the vision of newer industry innovators, such as Ultromics and Caption Health, as well as legacy ultrasound companies including Canon Medical Systems, GE Healthcare, Hitachi Healthcare, Philips, and Siemens Healthineers, who are dedicated to the continued development and adoption of high-quality echocardiography to better support patient-centered care. ASE engages with industry through multiple avenues, including technology summits, think tanks, and our Industry Roundtable program, to ensure that the future of cardiovascular ultrasound is driven by clinical standards of excellence. ASE will continue to set the standards for image analysis, including the quantitative parameters required, expected reliability of measurements, and how these measures are integrated to provide clinical insight.

Congratulations to Our Newest FASE!

Last week, ASE welcomed 31 new distinguished Fellows of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE) designation recipients! These members have exemplified excellence through education, research, leadership, and volunteerism. They are ambassadors for ASE, and recognized experts in their field. A full list of FASE members can be found on If you are interested in applying for FASE, or would like more information, please visit Join us in congratulating the newest FASE recipients:

Wilbur Jeremiah Asheld, DO, FASE
Faisal D. Arain, MBBS, MD, FASE
Sujatha P. Bhandary, MD, FASE
Michael L. Boisen, MD, FASE
Laura T. Boone, RDCS, RVT, RDMS, RT(R), FASE
Christopher Brockway, MS, RDCS, FASE
Sindu Chandran, MD, FACC, FACP, FASE
Jacqueline Suk Danik, MD, DrPH, FASE
Garrett J. De Francis, BS, RDCS, FASE
Mary Frances Duncan, RDCS, FASE
Elliott Elias, MD, MPH, FASE
Marie Ficociello, MA, RDCS, FASE
Suzette Blondelle Graham-Hill, MD, FACP, FASE
Sarah Ann Chambers Gurson, MD, FASE
Sonia A. Henry, MD, FACC, FASE
Arunima Misra, MD, FASE
Shaine A. Morris, MD, MPH, FASE
Akhil Narang, MD, FASE
Nirvik Pal, MD, MBBS, FASE
Atif Nazier Qasim, MD, MSCE, FASE
Sahadev T. Reddy, MD, FACC, FASE
Albert R. Robinson III, MD, FASE
Karen Scholz, BAPPSci, Grad Dip(Cardiac Ultrasound), FASE
Jeffrey Mohl Scott, DO, FACEP, EDIC, FASE
Rhonda Smith-Hudson, MS, RDCS, FASE
Stephanie N. Stewart, MS, RDCS, RVT, FASE
Devorah M. Taylor, RDCS, RVT, FASE
Mani Vindhya, MD, FASA, FASE
John Joseph Wilbur Asheld III, DO, FASE
Michael Young, RDCS, RVT, AAS, FASE

Dr. Judy W. Hung Elected President of the American Society of Echocardiography

Judy W. Hung, MD, FASE, takes the helm as president of the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) today. She has served on the Board of Directors as Vice President and President-Elect prior to ascending to her one-year presidency.

Dr. Hung will share her vision for the future of ASE on Saturday, August 8, during the opening session of the ASE 2020 Scientific Sessions Virtual Experience. When asked about her upcoming presidency, she said “I see tremendous opportunity for ASE to advance its mission to be the leader of quality, education, innovation, research, and advocacy in the field of cardiovascular ultrasound. ASE is currently well-positioned to adapt to the changing and challenging healthcare environment and to lead innovation in echocardiography through its international reputation, organizational infrastructure, and commitment to quality and research. I have a deep admiration and belief in the goals and mission of the ASE and the dedication of my ASE member colleagues.” Read more here.