Committees and Councils are made up of current ASE members. Members are encouraged to apply for volunteer positions and indicate the areas that they may prefer working in. A volunteer assignment runs from June – June in conjunction with the ASE Annual Scientific Sessions. Calls for volunteers are sent out every fall via electronic newsletter. Selection is then made by spring of the following year and assignments then begin in the summer. Assignments are yearly at the discretion of the ASE President and are often renewed until three years, when volunteers are rotated off to allow for more opportunities for incoming volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, or will be rotating off your assignment soon, please look out for calls to volunteer in the fall newsletter and consider applying for a new position. ASE can’t achieve its mission without our volunteers!

Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs)

  • Critical Care Echocardiography
  • Emerging Echo Enthusiasts (E3)
  • Interventional Echocardiography (EI)
  • Neonatal Hemodynamics TnECHO SIG

Specialty Interest Groups(SIGs) support our members who have a like interest in specialized areas with growth potential in cardiovascular ultrasound. SIGs bring together ASE members with similar professional interests and areas of expertise, providing a forum for networking, knowledge sharing, and the development of SIG-specific programs and services within ASE.

  • Idea for a SIG can be initiated from any source.
  • Requires two (2) ASE members recognized in their specialized field as experts (i.e., these members need to hold the designations and specializations pertinent to their specific specialty) who are willing to take on leadership roles in the creation and development of the SIG.
  • The SIG leaders make a proposal to the ASE Executive Committee to start a new SIG.  The proposal should include how the SIG can further ASE’s strategic goals while representing a sector of the membership that would enhance ASE.  Eventually the SIG will need to show success in bringing in new members, and the number of new members is not just a reclassification of current members.

To submit a proposal, log in to your ASE member portal, then select “Membership” from the menu tab, then select “Specialty Interest Group.”

Interested in being a member of a SIG? To become part of a SIG, please login to your member portal, click on Connect@ASE, search for the SIG Community, and join the conversation.

Contact if you have any questions.


Pathways to ASE Leadership – September 2016


PDF of Slide set

ASE Headquarters – COVID-19 Update

Beginning March 26, 2020, the county where the ASE Headquarters is located is under a government order to “Stay at Home” due to the spread of the coronavirus. These “Stay at Home” recommendations continue to be in effect and depend on the infection rates in the County/State. ASE will keep all but essential personnel telecommuting until a time when it is judged safe to return to work. We are not suspending or closing operations; our employees will remain working and providing excellent customer service to our members and the cardiovascular ultrasound community. However, ASE will slightly modify its official open hours to 9 AM – 4 PM Eastern TimeMonday-Friday. Should you need to get in touch with a staff person, call our main office at 919-861-5574 and a phone list by department will be available. A staff directory is also available here. All general questions can also be sent through Thank you and our best wishes for your continued safety.