Artificial Intelligence Guided Point of Care Cardiac Ultrasound Performed by Novice Users is Instrumental in Rapid Diagnosis

COVID-19 changed everything in healthcare, and a benefit from this pandemic was a surge in innovations in the medical field. One of these is the growth in Artificial intelligence (AI) guided medical care. Research is now showing that AI provides the opportunity for frontline providers who do not have specialized training in cardiac ultrasound (novice users) to obtain diagnostic quality point of care cardiac ultrasound (POCUS) images. This facilitates real-time, bedside assessment and diagnosis of structural cardiac disease and expands its use on a larger scale than possible in the past. Two research studies being presented at the ASE 2021 Scientific Sessions Virtual Experience, June 18-21, 2021, highlight the use of AI by novice users including nurses and frontline practitioners. Read more here.

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