ASE Scientific Sessions Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation and Record Number of Research Posters

ASE will host its 30th Annual Scientific Sessions, June 21-25, 2019, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The sessions have been specifically designed to provide superb education and clinical integration on cutting-edge technology like 4D imaging, multimodality imaging, the use of artificial intelligence, strain, and the use of echocardiography in heart failure, assessment of valve disease, and cardio-oncology. In addition, the conference will highlight the exponential growth in the scope of the field with a focus on point of care ultrasound, along with vascular, perioperative, and pediatric advances. A record number of 476 research posters, including oral and moderated presentations, will be featured at this premier cardiovascular imaging conference. The Final Program is online and can be downloaded at In addition, the ASE Courses App is continuously updated with detailed session information. Attendance at this conference can fulfill certification and accreditation requirements for general medical education or echo-specific CME/MOC content needs. Read more here.

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