ASE Scientific Sessions 2023 Call for Session Proposals

ASE is seeking session proposals for our 34th Annual Scientific Sessions to be held June 23-26, 2023, in National Harbor, Maryland.

Sessions should:

  • Highlight innovation and advances in Cardiovascular Ultrasound in clinical, educational, and research applications
  • Achieve faculty diversity (including demographics of sex, ethnicity, institution, career stage, country, etc.)
  • Promote current and new ASE guidelines to advance quality in Cardiovascular Ultrasound to enhance clinical decision-making
  • Facilitate the acquisition of practical knowledge, skills, and experience by attendees
  • Provide balanced content for physicians, sonographers, cardiovascular care team members, and emerging/early-career faculty
  • Address perceived skills and knowledge gaps across all levels of expertise
  • Include a variety of presentation and learning formats to enhance educational engagement and address different learning styles

Submission Criteria

  • Each institution / organization can submit a maximum of three (3) sessions.  If more are sessions are submitted, the 1st three will be considered.
  • Use of ASE members as faculty whenever possible is strongly recommended.

Submission Process

  • Submission is only possible via this electronic form.
  • Please identify your institution / organization, if applicable.
  • Assign at least one chairperson from your organization.
  • Propose 4-6 presentations each with a presentation title, speaker and an alternate speaker name.
  • Please ensure age, race, ethnicity, gender, geographical and organizational representation and balance in the faculty proposed.

Deadline for all submissions:  June 30, 2022

Notification of selected sessions: October 31, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of sessions submitted, ASE will be limited on the number of sessions selected.  ASE will send formal invitations to all faculty associated with selected sessions no later than January 31, 2023.

The ASE Scientific Sessions are created and supported by volunteers and are organized for the education of the cardiovascular ultrasound community. Funding and travel expenses for presenters is not covered by ASE.



Personal Data Privacy

  • The information collected in ASE 2023 Call for Session Proposals is subject to data processing for the composition of the ASE 2023 Scientific Sessions Program.
  • The recipients of the data are ASE Staff who process the forms as well as members of the ASE 2023 Scientific Sessions Program Committee.
  • Data collected will be kept for one year or until the following year’s meeting.