ASE has expanded its live course portfolio to meet its members’ education needs and to enhance services to the growing number of international members (over 15% of our members!) now participating in the ASE community. Please plan to join us for the 3rd Annual Echo ASE ASEAN in Manila, Philippines,  March 22-24, 2018.

The aim of the Echo ASE ASEAN Symposium is to provide cardiovascular practitioners with information on state-of-the-art echocardiography technology. This international meeting is led by expert faculty from the United States and the countries comprising the ASEAN region who are leaders in how echocardiography can be effectively applied to improve clinical care. The faculty will focus on the latest cardiovascular ultrasound technologies. Case-based learning approaches will be used to highlight new and established uses of echocardiography for diagnosis and guiding management in patients with a broad array of cardiovascular conditions. Topics include: advanced assessment of systolic and diastolic function, 3D/4D imaging, contemporary approaches to valve disease, guidance of interventional procedures, contrast echocardiography, ischemic heart disease, pericardial disease, and echo in arrhythmic disorders.

Letter of Invitation from the Course Chair

PHA/PSE Working Committee Members

Joel M. Abanilla, MD FPSE

Past President, PSE

Jonnie Bote-Nunez, MD FPSE

Director, PSE Board

Ronald E. Cuyco, MD FPSE

Immediate Past Chairman, PHA Council on Echocardiography

Aurora Muriel S. Gamponia, MD FPSE

Director, PSE Board

Joyce S. Jumangit, MD FPSE

Vice President, PSE

Eleanor A. Lopez, MD FPSE

Past President, PHA and PSE

Jose Donato  A.Magno, MD FPSE

Director, PSE Board

Mary Ong-Go, MD FPSE

Past President, PSE

Mildred P. Sayco, MD FPSE

Director, PSE Board

Myla Gloria S. Supe, MD FPSE

President, PSE

Edwin S. Tucay, MD FPSE

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