ASE Member Database Transition

ASE is working to upgrade our current membership database. Between July 20 and August 1, portions of the ASE Member Portal,, and will be down. Please refer to the list below to determine the best way to get what you need during this time.



Claiming CME


Live Courses

  • To register for Echo Florida please email or call Brenda Cole: or 919-297-7181

Donations to the ASE Foundation

  • Download this form, fill it out, and fax it to: 919-882-9900 or call Mary Carmody: 919-297-7169



Other Questions
Call: 919-861-5574 or Email:

The new Member Portal will be live on August 1 and will include enhanced features like streamlined membership renewals and orders, an automatic renewal option, a more personalized member portal interface, as well as other improvements. We are excited about the new interface and everything it does to make your user experience easier.

We appreciate your patience while we make this transition.