Ask U.S. Congress to Stop Medicare Funding Cuts

On January 1, 2022, Medicare faces looming cuts that can impact patient access to Medicare services. ASE appreciates the action Congress took in adopting the Consolidated Appropriations Act, that delayed the budget neutrality cuts resulting from changes to the codes for office and outpatient evaluation and management services. However, this cut, and several others, are due to be implemented. Please contact your member of Congress and ask them to prevent:

  • The congressionally enacted 3.75% temporary increase in the Medicare physician fee schedule (PFS) conversion factor to avoid pay cuts associated with budget neutrality adjustments tied to CY2021 PFS policy changes. This results in a pending -3.75% cut across the board to all PFS payments.
  • Expiration of the current reprieve from the -2% sequester stemming from the Budget Control Act of 2011.
  • Imposition of a -4% statutory pay-as-you-go 9(PAYGO) sequester resulting from passage of the American Rescue Plan Act.

These reimbursement decreases come at one of the most financially uncertain times within the Medicare payment history. These steep cuts could have serious financial consequences for physicians who are already under financial distress due to the sustained COVID-19 pandemic.

Please take a minute to email your Member of Congress and urge them to prevent these devastating cuts to echocardiography!

Susan Mayer, MD, FASE
Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute
ASE’s Advocacy Chair and CPT Alternate Advisor

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