Council Steering Committee Transition

ASE’s Board of Directors approved four strategic goals in June 2015.  Goal 4 — Create a governance structure that is representative of our membership and supports an efficient and effective organization—was assigned to ASE’s Governance Task Force.

One of the strategies for Goal 4 is to document and provide transparency to Council operations and move toward standardization to allow for additional growth.

The Governance Task Force has been working with the Council Steering Committee Chairs over the past year to develop standardized Rules of Governance and a transition plan for Council elections.  We have also put together a slide set that provides an overview of the following: (click on slide set below)

  • How Councils fit within ASE
  • Why governance changes are being made to the Councils
  • Council Charges
  • Council Structure and Composition
  • Council Nominating Task Force

The most noticeable Council governance changes are the Council Steering Committee composition and election process.  All of the Council Steering Committees will be decreasing the number of members serving (see chart below).  During this transition period, all of the currently elected Council Steering Committee members will continue to serve through the end of his/her elected term.

We encourage you to review these slides for your own information.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to the staff listed on the last slide or your Council Steering Committee Chair.



  • Council Chair (ladder position) – Each Council will have a chair, approved by the ASE’s President, to serve for two years*. This person will serve as a voting member on ASE’s Board of Directors during his/her tenure as Chair.
  • Council Chair-Elect (ladder position)
  • Immediate Past Council Steering Committee Chair (final ladder position) – to provide mentorship
  • Scientific Sessions Track Chair
  • Scientific Sessions Track Co-Chair
  • Council representative appointed to the Education Committee
  • Council representative appointed to the Guidelines & Standards Committee
  • Two to three at large members from the specialty area (Each council to tailor member-at-large type (e.g., allied health professional, early career, surgeon, etc. to reflect their specific needs)
  • Ex-officio – Council Representative on ASE Executive Committee