Did You Miss ASE’s Annual Scientific Sessions? September JASE Gives a Glimpse of It through Photos

The September JASE includes “Three-Dimensional Echocardiographic Automated Quantification of Left Heart Chamber Volumes Using an Adaptive Analytics Algorithm: Feasibility and Impact of Image Quality in Nonselected Patients,” by Medvedofsky et al. This prospective study tested an automated 3D echocardiographic technique for left heart chamber quantification in non-selected patients. Co-author Victor Mor-Avi, PhD, FASE, said that “We found that analysis was feasible in 90% of consecutive patients, but reliably accurate measurements were obtained in 66%, including those with adequate image quality, as defined in the article. We also found that the accuracy of the automated measurements was improved by editing the endocardial boundaries by an experienced reader, but did not change significantly when performed by readers without 3D echocardiography training. Importantly, however, the default fully automated measurements were accurate in the above patients, rendering border corrections non-essential. We suggest that this automated approach may overcome the workflow limitations and facilitate further integration of 3D quantification in clinical practice.”

As is the tradition, this JASE also includes a photo spread of the highlights from the 28th Annual Scientific Sessions, June 2-6, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.

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