Don’t Miss Great Minds Talking about Echo in SHD and Earn Your CME

The April JASE podcast features a lively discussion between JASE Editor-in-Chief Dr. Michael H. Picard, and Drs. Rebecca T. Hahn and Muhamed Saric, two of the country’s top experts on the subject of echo guidance of structural heart disease interventions. They examine the following topics:

  • Training, special skills, and competence
  • Guidance of TAVR
  • Paravalvular leaks
  • LA appendage closures, shapes, and devices
  • Mitral valve clips and residual leaks
  • PFO closures
  • Difficult procedures
  • Radiation exposure

Help fulfill your CME requirements with Dr. Saric’s article in this issue, “Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion/Exclusion: Procedural Image Guidance with Transesophageal Echocardiography.” (Accompanying figure is Figure 1 from his paper.)

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