Echocardiography is a Key Tool in Early Diagnosis and Streamlined Care in Women’s Health

Three research studies being presented at the ASE 2021 Scientific Sessions Virtual Experience, June 18-21, 2021, highlight the key role of echocardiography, which is ultrasound of the heart, in the diverse field of women’s health. One study used echocardiography to demonstrate a link between high blood pressure in pregnancy and future microvascular disease, or damage to the heart’s smallest blood vessels. Another investigation evaluates the function of the left atrium in women who take trastuzumab, an antibody used in the treatment of breast cancer. A third research study highlights a heart abnormality seen on routine obstetric ultrasounds that is associated with significant heart defects, and the value of referring these expectant moms to a center with specialized expertise in fetal cardiovascular conditions. Read more here.

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