June – A Great Month to Show Off CASE!

The latest issue of CASE, ASE’s open access case reports journal, is available with more educational pearls to share with students, trainees, and colleagues. One of these is a CASE series from Harnett et al, Echocardiographic Evaluation of the Etiology and Mechanism of Native Aortic Valve Regurgitation, which provides readers with an extremely insightful and illustrative CASE series to better understand the mechanism of AR which helps inform the surgical approach. CASE Editor-in-Chief Vincent Sorrell, MD, FASE, FACP ASIM, FACC, FCMR, noted, “Inspired from Carpentier’s classification of mitral regurgitation, these authors provide a schematic overview of the aortic annulus, aortic valve, and sinuses of Valsalva. They proceed to include 2D TTE, TEE, color Doppler, and correlative diagrams that carefully illustrate the various etiologies of AR. By doing so, the readers are provided with a standardized approach to universal terminology that will serve to improve communication. This is an example of another educational CASE report that should be disseminated to all echo readers and kept in a folder in your lab.”

Additionally, this issue includes Doppler Dilemmas with reports on a rare double-orifice tricuspid valve and mycotic aneurysm, as well as four Congenital Heart Disease reports with patients ranging from a six-day-old infant to an 83-year-old woman. A new subsection titled Atypical Presentations of Heart Disease features two “medical masquerades” to intrigue readers, and the issue is rounded out with a Letter to the Editor and Author Response about optimizing 3D echo for imaging the tricuspid valve.

Finally, we are excited to announce the 2021 CASE of the Year, Mysterious Infantile Cyanosis: An Imaging Case Series, which was presented by Sudeep Sunthankar, MD, on behalf of his co-authors during the ShowCASE session at ASE 2022 in Seattle. Check out the CASE homepage to read about this article and the other four finalists who represented the top CASEs published in 2021, as chosen by the CASE Editorial Team. The ShowCASE session also featured the MACH-1 Rapid-Fire portion, where eight sonographers presented their cases on one slide each in under 90 seconds. All presenters did a remarkable job, educating with energy and setting a high standard for future ShowCASE events. Submit YOUR CASE report today, and maybe you’ll be chosen to present at ASE 2023!

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