ASE Board of Directors

ASE Board of Directors:  July 2023 – June 2024

23-Member governing body charged with supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the Society.  

VICE PRESIDENT: (1-Year Term; ladder to presidency)
The Vice President’s duties are delegated by the Board of Directors and the President.  The Vice President would perform the duties of the President-Elect in the event of his/her inability to serve. The Vice President will also serve concurrently as Vice Chair of the ASE Foundation Board.  The vice-president, who is on the ladder for ASE presidency, must be a role model for the quality, initiatives and mission of ASE.

Open Board Positions:
In these positions, the directors shall have responsibility for supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the Society, its committees and publications; shall determine its policies of changes therein; shall actively participate in formulating its objectives and in supervising the disbursement of its funds.

International Member (2-Year Term)
This board position is open to a member who does not reside in the continental United States. Candidates who have served on an ASE Foundation outreach event or participated in ASE’s International Alliance partner activities have preference.

Leadership Academy Graduate (2-Year Term)
This board position has been designated for a graduate of ASE’s Leadership Academy.  Eligibility is limited to within five years of LA graduation.

Member at Large (2-Year Term) 4 positions open
This is open to all members of the organization who meet the board criteria.

Past President (2-Year Term)
This board position is open to past presidents who have not previously served in this role.

Per ASE’s updated Code of Ethics policy, a member will refrain from any activities, including social media, that incite or promote discrimination, racism, hate crimes, harassment, or other forms of social injustice. Therefore, all nominees must agree to a Social Media Screening performed by a third-party vendor.