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Echocardiography Formula Review Guide: Native Valves and Intracardiac Pressures

This unique, spiral-bound, 6×8” formula pocket guide is a must-have reference for every practicing echocardiographer, cardiology fellow, and sonographer. The illustrative cards detail the echocardiographic quantitative evaluation of native valve regurgitation and stenosis, as well as how to determine intracardiac pressures. If you’re looking to become more quantitative in your reports, need a refresher on quantifying native valve disease, or studying for boards, this formula handbook will be useful on a daily basis.

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ASE Pocket Guidelines

These pocket-sized flip books of charts from ASE guidelines and standards for cardiovascular ultrasound were designed to be carried in lab coats and scrub pockets and used ad quick reference guides for measurements.

  • LV Diastolic Function (JASE, April 2016)**
  • Chamber Quantification of the Right Heart (JASE, January 2015)**
  • Chamber Quantification of the Left Heart (JASE, January 2015)**
  • Prosthetic Valves with Echo and Doppler Ultrasound (JASE, September 2009)***
  • Image Acquisition and Display Using 3D Echo (JASE, January 2012)**
  • Aortic Regurgitation (JASE, April 2017)***
  • Mitral Regurgitation (JASE, April 2017)***
  • Tricuspid and Pulmonic Regurgitation (JASE, April 2017)***
  • Aortic Valve Stenosis (JASE, April 2017)***
  • NEW! Comprehensive TTE Scanning Maneuvers and TTE Protocol (JASE, January 2019)*
  • NEW!! Alternative Views for the TTE Protocol (JASE, January 2019)*
  • NEW!! Spectral Doppler Images for the TTE Protocol (JASE, April 2019)*
  • NEW!! Residual Valvular Regurgitation After Percutaneous Valve Repair or Replacement (JASE, April 2019)***

Individual Pocket Guidelines
ASE member: $10                        Nonmember: $15
Bulk rate: $8 for 100 or more

NEW!! Comprehensive TTE Guideline Pocket Guide Bundle (4 Pocket Guides) 
ASE Member: $55.00               Nonmember: $90.00

This set includes the following 4 spiral-bound pocket guides:

  • Transthoracic Scanning Maneuvers and Windows
  • Comprehensive Transthoracic Echocardiography Protocol
  • Alternative Views for the TTE Protocol
  • Spectral Doppler Images for the TTE Protocol

Bundle of Valve Pocket Guidelines (All 6 Valvular Pocket Guides)***
ASE member: $55                       Nonmember: $70

Bundle of Non-valvular Pocket Guidelines (4 Non-valvular Pocket Guides)**
ASE member: $30                       Nonmember: $40

Bundle of Pocket Guidelines (All 10 Pocket Guides)
*Excludes Comprehensive TTE Pocket Guidelines
ASE member: $95                       Nonmember: $105
Bulk rate: $93 for 100 or more


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