Revisions to Recommendations for Cardiac Chamber Quantification by Echocardiography in Adults

A corrected version of the Chamber Quantification document was posted on January 16.  We recommend that you delete the old PDF, refresh your browser, and download the current version.  Most of the typos were in the supplemental tables that are shown after the references.  However, the legends for figures 11 and 12 were revised in the main manuscript.  If you’re not sure if the version you’re using is the final version, you can tell by checking the legend for figure 12.  The final sentence in the legend should be:

Attempting to measure what you believe to be 2 hinge-points (B and C) typically will measure within the sinuses of Valsalva and overestimate the annulus.

If you downloaded the document PDF earlier and use Internet Explorer as your default browser, we recommend that you either clear your cached history or use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that hasn’t retained the original document in the browser memory.