Structural Heart Disease Takes the Leading Role in Current JASE

Five state-of-the-art reviews about echocardiography in structural heart disease (SHD) interventions are in the April JASE. Complementing these articles is a presentation of the ACC/ASE 2017 Appropriate Use Criteria for Multimodality Imaging in Valvular Heart Disease. James N. Kirkpatrick, co-author of “Role of Echocardiography in Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement in Native Mitral Valves and Mitral Rings,” said, “Structural heart interventions have revolutionized the treatment of cardiovascular disease in recent years, and imaging plays a central role in patient selection and procedural guidance.  For many patients who once faced the daunting prospect of open-chest surgical procedures, there are now percutaneous options.  Reductions in morbidity and recovery time improve important patient-centered outcomes, in addition to reducing the risk for patients with serious co-morbidities.”  For his monthly podcast, JASE Editor-in-Chief Michael H. Picard, MD, FASE, interviewed Drs. Rebecca T. Hahn and Muhamed Saric about the role of echocardiography in SHD interventions. Two clinical investigations on aortic annular and software round out the issue. In the JASE blue pages, learn about all the fantastic opportunities that lie in store for attendees going to the Annual Scientific Sessions in Nashville, Tennessee.

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