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Guideline Reference BookGuidelines Reference Book:

“Love the Reference Book..Have several labs and each has a copy…We use it all the time..docs as well as techs.”-Mary Breen, RDCS, RVT, Brockton, MA

“Excellent reference for staff”-Deborah Sanderson, RDCS, FASE, Macomb, IL

“We use ASE standards as our reference to promote uniformity in reporting. Some of doctors don’t read a lot of echoes and don’t have some of the dimension ranges committed to memory, so it’s a good reference for them.”-Beverly Danley, MD, Germantown, TN

“Great reference tool”-Joanne Scott, BS, RDCS, FASE, Portsmouth, NH

“It’s content has expedited the answer of many questions in every day practice”-Jose Assad-Morell, MD, Mexico

“Use in lab also helpful in AUC for testing”-James Tritz, MD, Jefferson City, MO

“Hi, Your product has helped me prepare for my state boards”-Sergio Aviles, Arleta, CA

“This ASE reference book is simply a cornerstone for echocardiography interpretation and let apply basis for a better knowledgement of structural heart diseases”- Sergio Fragoso, MD, Sonora, Mexico

“Have it available for my dept to reference to. We use it all the time”- Valerie Kwai Ben, MD, FASE, San Hose, CA

“Easy to order, came quickly, easy to use”- Karen Livingston, RDCS, Hendersonville, NC

How to Perform a Transthoracic Echocardiographic Study: Volume 1 DVD:

“I show the DVD to the new cardiac students, they find it helpful and ask to see it more than once.”- Kerry Weinberg, MA, MPA, RT, RDMS, RDCS , New York, NY


ASE Pocket Guideline Bundle:

“This product is very useful and practical. It helps me a lot, so I don’t need to keep all echo numbers in my head.”- Marko Hudnik, Borovnica, Slovenia

“Great reference for the whole department.”- Michael Weeks, RCS, RCVT , Henrico, VA

“This product really helps me to practice Echocardiography, as in daily clinical practice as in teaching the students of medicine.” -Fernando J Perez da S Graca, MD, Roraima, Brazil

“Really very useful product covers a lot of info in easy to use form”- Oleg Kerbikov, Moscow

“I was providing training to a student and she was interested in having a set as well!” – Colleen Keoughan, RDMS, RDCS Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

“The pocket guidelines and posters are EXTREMELY useful. I actually gave these out as prizes for Fellow’s End-of-the-Year Echo Jeopardy”- Rebecca Hahn, MD, FASE, New York, NY

“I use the pocket guides all the time! Very useful.” -Carol Wilson, RDCS, FASE, Odessa, TX