2001 Research Award Winners

The results have been announced for the 2001 ASE grant winners.  We thank all those that submitted grant proposals.  ASE feels passionate about the need and merit of funding echocardiography research and confidant that the grants selected for funding will contribute significant new data to the field of echocardiography.
In 2001, ASE funded $401,000 of research, to include:A $75,000 grant for:

“Aortic Cannulation Guided By Epiaortic and Multiplane Transesophageal Echocardiography: Does it Reduce Cerebral Embolism?”

Principal Investigator: Moha J. Ali, RDCS, MD, FRCPC, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada$75,000 grant for:

“Using Echocardiography Reports To Improve Guideline Compliance”

Principal Investigator: Paul A. Heidenreich, MD, MS, Palo Alto Institute for Research and Education and the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo Alto, CA

$35,000 grant for:

“Left Atrial Volume in the Prediction of Stroke, Atrial Fibrillation and Death in Population-based and Referral-based Samples of Adult Men and Women”

Principal Investigator: Teresa S. M. Tsang, MD, FRCPC, FACC, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

And to honor the second year of commitments for two 2000 grants:

$66,000 grant for:

Sanjiv Kaul, MD

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

“Cost-effectiveness of Myocardial Contrast Echocardiography in Suspected CAD”

$50,000 grant for:

Karen K. Hamilton, MD

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

“Use of Echo-Doppler in Optimizing Volume Status of Chronic Congestive Heart Failure Patients”

Research Fellowship Grants:

$25,000 grant for:

Marcelo A.D. Carneiro, MD

Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

” Assessment of Myocardial Viability Using Adenosine Contrast Echocardiography and Strain Rate Imaging. Comparison with Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging.”

$25,000 grant for:

Danita M. Yoerger, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

” Nitric Oxide Synthase 3 Polymorphisms and Ventricular Remodeling after Myocardial Infarction in Humans”

$25,000 grant for:

Vinay Thohan, MD

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

” Characterization of Altered Beta Adrenergic Receptors in the Hibernating Human Myocardium”

Grant-in-Aid Grant:

$25,000.grant for:

Ronen Beeri, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

” Influence of Mitral Regurgitation on Myocardial Remodeling after Myocardial Infarction:  Echocardiographic and Cellular Assessment”