Application Requirements

2013 ASE Foundation Research Awards – Application Requirements

Proposals may be submitted online via an easy to use form and file upload process that ensures content is received with all formatting, tables, graphics, and scientific characters intact. The upload process will accept Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Microsoft Excel, or PDF files. Online submissions only will be accepted; paper submissions will not be considered.
Only one application per individual will be considered for funding. Awards will be funded for one year beginning June 2013 and the applicant must complete the award at the institution from which the application was submitted.
Proposals are to include the following elements –
1. Title of the proposed project.

2. Summary of the proposal, not to exceed 400 words.

3. Listing of all investigators with degrees, academic titles and affiliations, and a paragraph delineating each investigator's contribution to the proposed project.

4. Abbreviated curriculum vitae or NIH biosketches for each investigator, including the applicant (maximum of 2 pages per investigator).

5. Other funding applicable to the proposed project, both pending and active:

a) Agency, Award ID Number.
b) Project title and name of principal investigator.
c) Dates of funding.
d) Award amount.
e) Applicant's role in the project(s) funded by this other support.
f) Amount directly available to the applicant.
g) Relationship of ASE Foundation grant proposal to this other support.
6. Proposed approach to the problem, including:
a) A succinct statement of specific aims.
b) Background and previous research addressing the problem.
c) Preliminary studies and rationale.
d) Methods.
e) Limitations.
f) Significance.
g) References cited.
The full description of the project including references and any figures (sections 6a-6g above) may not exceed 7 typewritten pages with 1-inch margins using a minimum of a 10-point font.
7. Appropriateness of the proposed project for ASE Foundation funding, including an explanation of how the proposed project will serve to demonstrate echocardiography's relevance, provide comparative evidence of the key role echocardiography plays in managing patients, and/or promote innovation or new technology applications. The appropriateness description including references and any figures may not exceed 3 typewritten pages with 1-inch margins using a minimum of a 10-point font.
8. Letter(s) of support. Career Development Award applicants require one letter of support from their senior mentor/project sponsor. Cardiovascular Sonographer Research Award applicants require letters from both their senior mentor/project sponsor and their administrative supervisor, stating that the applicant will be given protected time and appropriately excused from clinical and administrative duties to an extent that the research funding is proportional to their existing salary. Additional letters of support beyond those required are also welcome.
9. Appropriate institutional review board, human studies committee or animal care and use committee approval, or evidence of submission. If approval has not been granted prior to submission of the proposal, applicants should include a letter stating that appropriate institutional review board application is pending. Final institutional review board approval is required prior to release of ASE Foundation funds.
10. Budget justification for award funding, explaining how the money from the ASE Foundation would be utilized. The applicant's institution is allowed a maximum overhead of 10% of the award amount to cover handling fees/administrative functions.
11. Supporting materials limited to 3 reprints, if any.
Questions –
Have a question? Visit our application FAQs or contact Andrea Van Hoever.