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Contact: Angie Porter

Exploring Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Echocardiography at ASE 2024

(DURHAM, NC, June 14, 2024)—Echocardiography plays a foundational role in evaluating individuals with suspected cardiac conditions, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and cardiac amyloidosis (CA). Both HCM and CA can be difficult to distinguish in clinical practice, so researchers are examining the potential benefits of augmenting echocardiography with artificial intelligence (AI) to benefit patients in these cohorts.

The findings from two research studies exploring the application of AI with echocardiography in accurately diagnosing and managing HCM and CA patients will be presented as abstract poster presentations during the American Society of Echocardiography’s 35th Annual Scientific Sessions, June 14-16, 2024, in Portland, Oregon.

Utilizing Machine Learning for More Accurate and Expedited Pediatric HCM Diagnosis

HCM can be present at any age and difficult detect since patients are often asymptomatic. Moreover, HCM is a significant cause of sudden cardiac death in children, making early and accurate detection necessary.

The research study titled, “Identification of HCM in Children by Machine Learning Applied to Echocardiography,” developed machine learning models that provide accurate and expedited HCM diagnosis in children. The machine learning models created for this research study analyzed datasets from more than 30 years of echocardiography data of HCM patients. The information generated from these models will help guide medical teams in formulating patient treatment plans.

“Echocardiography is the imaging modality considered to be the gold standard for HCM diagnosis. Our research introduces an innovative application of AI to enhance pediatric HCM diagnosis through the automated analysis of echocardiography data in real-time,” says the study’s lead author Vanessa Karlinski Vizentin, MD, a research fellow at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic Cardiologist Adelaide M. Arruda-Olson, MD, PhD, who is a senior author of the study added, “This forward-thinking approach holds immense promise for optimizing healthcare delivery, ensuring that children affected by HCM receive timely diagnosis, interventions, and personalized care.”

AI with Echocardiography May Prevent Diagnostic Delays, Better Detect CA

CA is a disorder in which abnormally folded proteins deposit in the heart resulting in heart failure. CA is considered a rare disease in older adults; however, recent studies have shown that CA may be more common than initially thought.

A research study titled, “Novel Deep Learning Model for the Detection of Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Multicenter, International Study” tested AI’s ability to improve the detection of CA with echocardiography, allowing for earlier diagnosis and the initiation of life-saving therapies. The study’s deep learning model was able to accurately differentiate CA from phenotypic controls with increased wall thickness. This finding may augment the screening accuracy of echocardiography, preventing diagnostic delays and helping to better identify individuals at the highest risk for CA.

“Although echocardiography is frequently the first cardiac imaging test ordered to detect cardiac amyloidosis, classical echocardiographic features may miss many patients,” says the study’s lead author Jeremy Slivnick, MD, FASE, an assistant professor at The University of Chicago Medicine. “In our study, we developed a novel AI model which could accurately detect CA using only an apical four-chamber view. Our AI model has the potential to improve the echocardiographic detection of CA, allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment of this life-threatening disorder.”

ASE 2024 will feature more than 450 abstract presentations showcasing cutting-edge research on the latest advances in cardiovascular ultrasound and cases illustrating breakthroughs in patient care. Both of these AI research studies will be presented as poster presentations on Saturday, June 15, from 12 to 12:45 p.m. at the Oregon Convention Center. Learn more about ASE 2024 and download the conference’s final event program at

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