Mentorship Award Criteria

The ASE Mentorship Award recognizes a physician or sonographer who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to mentorship within ASE. This award was created to specifically acknowledge those who helped younger members become engaged with Society and thus cultivate ASE’s future leaders. While this award is in recognition of work already done, it is at the same time intended to be an encouragement for further achievement on the part of the recipients and a stimulus to renewed effort on the part of others.

Award Criteria:

This individual should demonstrate dedication to the future of ASE by mentoring other members to become successfully engaged in the Society.


  • A physician or sonographer member of ASE who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to mentorship within ASE and has thus made a major impact in the future of the Society.
  • There is no age limit to the award but the individual should be an active member and demonstrate a track record for successfully mentoring younger individuals.
  • Previously nominated candidates will be considered, if re-nominated. Previous award recipients are not eligible.
  • ASE member in good standing and FASE designation

 Selection Criteria:

  • Track record for mentoring members who are highly engaged and are pursuing or achieving meaningful positions within ASE.
  • Strength of support from letters. (letters from mentees carry more weight for the nomination than general letters of support)

Nomination Procedure:

  • ASE members should submit a letter of nomination addressing the person’s qualifications for the award, including a copy of the nominee’s CV
  • Nominations should include additional letter(s) of support.
  • Letters of nomination and support maybe written in native language.
  • Nominations from the previous year may be carried over to current year for consideration, provided new letter of nominations are submitted.  Nominations may only be carried over for 1 year.
  • Address all nominations to Chair, ASE Awards Committee, email to