Feigenbaum Lecturer

A lecturer is named in honor of the founder and first president of ASE, Harvey Feigenbaum, MD, FASE. This lectureship is awarded to a young investigator in recognition of their significant contribution to research in the field and his or her potential to continue at a high level of achievement. The Feigenbaum Lecture is presented during ASE’s Annual Scientific Sessions. Click here for award criteria.

Feigenbaum Lecturers

  • 2024: Shaine Morris, MD, MPH, FASE – “Echocardiography and Deep Phenotyping: Imaging as the Key to Congenital Cardiac Outcomes Research with Little and Big Data”
  • 2023: Rima Arnaout, MD, FASE – “ChatGPT Helped Me Write This Talk Title, But Can It Read an Echocardiogram?”
  • 2022: Harvey Feigenbaum, MD, FASE – “History of Echocardiography: A Personal Perspective” and Alan Pearlman, MD, FASE*
  • 2021: Denisa Muraru, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FASE – “Right Heart, Right Now: The Role of Three-Dimensional Echocardiography”
  • 2020: Shelby Kutty, MD, PhD, MHCM, FASE – “Beyond Artificial: Echocardiography from Elegant Images to Analytic Intelligence”
  • 2019: Sanjiv J. Shah, MD, FASE – “Echocardiography for Precision Medicine: Digital Biopsy to Deconstruct Biology”
  • 2018: Mark K. Friedberg, MD, FASE – “Echocardiographic Insights into the Stressed Right Ventricle: A Whole Hearted Story”
  • 2017: Howard Leong-Poi, MD, FASE – “The Evolution of Contrast Echocardiography:  A Journey from Diagnostic to Therapeutic Applications”
  • 2016: Theodore P. Abraham, MD, FASE – “Echo Muscles into the Mechanics Era – Strain Transforms Morphologists into Physiologists” 
  • 2015: Madhav Swaminathan, MD, FASE – “Echo Research in the Perioperative Space: As easy as A B C…”
  • 2014: Luc L. Mertens, MD, PhD, FASE – “We are our History: Cardiac Adaptations to Childhood Disease and Implications for Adult Life”
  • 2013: Partho P. Sengupta, MBBS, MD, DM, FASE – “Intelligent Platforms for Disease Assessment: Novel Approaches in Functional Echocardiography”
  • 2012: Philippe Pibarot, DVM, PhD, FASE – “Doppler Echocardiography is the Cornerstone of the Management of Aortic Stenosis”
  • 2011: Judy W. Hung, MD, FASE – “A Tale of Two Leaflets: Innovation in Echocardiography”
  • 2010: Victor Mor-Avi, PhD, FASE – “Three Dimensional Echocardiography:  The Benefits of the Additional Dimension”
  • 2009: Jack Rychik, MD, FASE – “Born with Half a Heart:  An Echocardiographic Journey of Single Ventricle Type of Congenital Heart Disease from the Fetus to the Adult”
  • 2008: Teresa S.M. Tsang, MD, FRCPC, FASE – “Echocardiography in Cardiovascular Public Health: Redefining Prevention”
  • 2007: Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie, MD, PhD, FASE – “Echocardiography in Translational Research: Of Mice and Men”
  • 2006: Jonathan Lindner, MD, FASE – “Thinking Big, Looking Small: Diagnostic Opportunities by Echo Imaging of the Molecular Basis of Disease”
  • 2005: Kevin Wei, MD, FASE – “Microbubbles and the Microcirculation”
  • 2004: Mario J. Garcia, MD, FASE – “Echocardiography is the Keystone to the Evaluation of Cardiac Function”
  • 2003: Thomas H. Marwick, MBBS, PhD, FASE – “Should We Examine the Heart or the Myocardium: Recent Advances in Tissue Characterization”
  • 2002: Flordeliza S. Villanueva, MD, FASE – “Beyond Perfusion Imaging: New Horizons in Contrast Echo”
  • 2001: Sherif F. Nagueh, MD, FASE – “Insights into the Evolution of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function”
  • 2000: Thomas R. Porter, MD, FASE – “Therapeutic Applications of Microbubbles: A New Echocardiography Frontier”

*Note:  The 2022 Feigenbaum Lecture was prepared by Dr. Harvey Feignbaum and delivered by Dr. Alan Pearlman.