ICD-10 Resources

ASE’s Advocacy Team has developed the following echo specific resources to help you with the implementation of ICD-10:

ASE developed these tools to assist you during this challenging time as a part of your ASE member benefits. If you need more individualized support, ASE also provides complimentary access to a coding reimbursement expert. ASE Members can contact ASE’s coding expert by logging into the Member Portal.

CMS has issued a new ICD-10 Resource Guide and Contact List to help find answers to frequently asked questions.

You can find resources on the CMS ICD-10 website and their Road to 10 online tool.

Contact your MAC for Medicare claims questions. Your MAC is your first line for Medicare claims help. MACs cannot respond to questions about Medicaid or commercial health plans. The new ICD-10 Resource Guide and Contact List gives MAC and Medicaid contact info organized by state.

If you have a Medicaid claim question contact your state Medicaid agency.

You may also contact CMS directly by emailing the ICD-10 ombudsman Dr. William Rodgers, whose contact email is ICD10_Ombudsman@cms.hhs.gov.

For commercial payers, check the payer’s website for information about ICD-10 implementation and a method of contact for issues.

  • For Anthem, physicians should contact the Provider Service Call Center for the locality and line of business involved (telephone numbers can be found on Anthem.com).
  • For Humana, physicians can use the following email address ICD10Inquiries@humana.com
  • For UnitedHealth Group, physicians can use the following email address ICD10questions@uhc.com

On November 2, 2015 ASE & MedAxiom co-sponsored a webinar on ICD-10 Post Implementation: Focus on Echocardiography. This was a discussion on coding challenges and documentation requirements for diagnostic echocardiograms. There was also a review of key billing and documentation components for these services. The recorded webinar is now available just click here. Currently available is following link to download the handout for this webinar.
ICD-10 Post Implementation: Focus on Echocardiography handout

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released the Next Steps Toolkit to help providers track and improve ICD-10 progress. This new, in-depth toolkit includes information and resources on how to:

  • Assess ICD-10 progress using key performance indicators to identify potential productivity or cash flow issues
  • Address opportunities for improvement

Maintain progress and keep up-to-date on ICD-10

Visit the CMS ICD-10 website and Roadto10.org for the latest news and resources, including the ICD-10 Quick Start Guide.