Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie, MD, PhD, FASE, Named the Recipient of the ASE/ASEF’s Newly Diagnosed Severe Valvular Heart Disease Grant

ASE and the ASE Foundation are pleased to announce that Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie, MD, PhD, FASE, Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, is the recipient of the $1.1M USD Impact of Echocardiography Report Recommendations on Referral Patterns and Outcome in Patients with Severe Valvular Heart Disease (SVD) grant. The grant, which is awarded by ASE through its Foundation with funding support from Edwards Lifesciences, will examine the impact of embedded echocardiography report interventions on referral patterns and outcomes in patients newly diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis (AS) by echocardiography.

ASE made the decision to provide this funding opportunity as a result of the growth in numbers of patients presenting with AS. ASE believes that the diagnosis, referral, and treatment for these patients needs to be optimized to lower healthcare costs and increase positive patient outcomes. Dr. Scherrer-Crosbie’s research will examine the role of a primary care provider and referral patterns to a cardiac specialist for patients presenting with severe AS, though the study may be expanded to include other forms of SVD.

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