Research Committee


  • Develop strategies for specific projects to facilitate the development and application of novel cardiovascular ultrasound technology.
  • Work with the Research Oversight Committee to develop or continue at least 1 major research initiative a year and coordinate its implementation through members of ASE and our partners.
  • Suggest recommendations for research award RFA’s.
  • Consider ways to better engage core labs and clinical trials in ASE activities.
  • Serve as Ambassadors to the external scientific community to enhance the image and reputation of cardiovascular ultrasound as a clinical and scientific tool, including testifying to FDA, NIH, etc.
  • Work collaboratively with the IRT committee and with other non-profit societies to develop research partnerships with industry, engineers, and non-echocardiography cardiovascular imaging researchers
  • Work with Research Oversight Committee and PR Committee to analyze and summarize in written report fashion ASE-supported research for yearly outcomes reports and activity summary for the community (industry, members, philanthropy, advocacy, etc.)
  • Select recipients for research awards and recommend to the board for approval
  • Participate as graders for abstract presenters for the Scientific Sessions as assigned by the Abstracts Chairs
  • Provide oversight to study sections and review progress reports for research activities underway (current examples include WASE projects, CPELP project, etc.)
  • Develop and maintain a reporting tool for use by study sections to provide progress reports and updates to the Committee. Research Committee will provide a recommendation to the Research Oversight Committee regarding either the continuation or cessation of research projects, or the need to transfer PI ownership.

2023 – 2024 Committee Members:
Jonathan Lindner, MD, FASE – Chair
Daniel Forsha, MD, MCS, FASE – Co-Chair

Antonio Hernandez, MD, FASE – Critical Care Representative
Markus Scherer, MD, FASE – Interventional Echo Representative
Laura Mercer-Rosa, MD, MSCE, FASE – Pediatric Representative
Jens Fassl, MD, PhD, FASE – Perioperative Representative
Courtney Cassidy, RDCS, FASE – Sonographer Representative
Eric Yang, MD, PhD – Vascular Representative
Samuel Siu, MD, SM, MBA, FASE – Ex-Officio
Vidhu Anand, MBBS, FASE – Rising Star Representative
Vandana Sachdev, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Partho Sengupta, MBBS, MD, DM, FASE – Member at Large
Suzette Graham-Hill, MD, FACP, FASE – Member at Large
Charles Luoma, MS, RDCS, ACS, FASE – Member at Large
Hong Wang, MD, Ph.D, FASE, FASA – Member at Large
Michael DiMaria, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Kan Liu, MD, FACC, FASE – Member at Large
Carlos El-Tallawi, MD – Member at Large
Maan Malahfji, MD – Member at Large
Ayesha Dost, BHSc, DMS, CRCS-AE, RDCS – Member at Large
Ratnasari Padang, MBBS, PhD, FRACP, FASE, FACC – Member at Large
Neda Dianati Maleki, MD, MSc, FACC – Member at Large
Kanwal Farooqi, MD – Member at Large
Karan Kapoor, MD – Member at Large
Nadira Hamid, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Rana Sharaf – Staff Liaison

Research Oversight Committee (ROC)
The purpose of the Research Oversight Committee (ROC) is to provide strategy, structure and an interface between the Research Committee and the greater body of ASE stakeholders.

  • Create and maintain organizational tools for research:
    • Research Portal – web-based dashboard for all research proposals and requests for data use
    • Prioritization Matrix – scoring tool/data sheet to guide decision-making and recommendations to the Exec
    • Research Roadmap – plot out short, mid-, and long-term priorities and projects
  • Review/vet new research project and partnership proposals, and oversee active projects, including progress milestones and funding utilization
  • Conduct Strategic Visioning Events (bi- or triennially) with stakeholders to inform future priorities and the research roadmap
  • Maintain Research Gaps Repository with input from stakeholders
  • Research agreement stewardship, including development of key document templates, library of signed agreements, etc.
  • Develop formal project summaries and recommendations for Exec consideration

2023 – 2024 Committee Members:
Raymond Stainback, MD, FASE – Chair
David Wiener, MD, FASE – Executive Committee Representative
James Kirkpatrick, MD, FASE – Foundation Chair
David Orsinelli, MD, FASE – Guidelines & Standards Committee Rep
G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD, PhD, FASE, FSCAI – IRT Committee Chair
Judy Hung, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Jordan Strom, MD, MSc, FASE – Registry Committee Chair
Monica Mukherjee, MD, MPH, FASE, FACC, FAHA – Research & Data Publications Committee Chair
Jonathan Lindner, MD, FASE – Research Committee Chair
G. Monet Strachan, ACS, RDCS, FASE – Sonography Council Steering Committee Chair
Rana Sharaf – Staff Liaison