Letters of Nominations and Support

  • Members can provide supporting letters for more than one candidate. If a member is writing to support more than one candidate for the same position, the letters must highlight the differences in the candidates; otherwise the letters take away the weight of the recommendations for both candidates.  Note: You should be aware that no matter how you write the letter, the committee may believe you are ranking them. If you mean to do so, it is best to state explicitly.
  • Members of ASE’s Executive Committee are not permitted to nominate candidates for executive level positions.
  • Each candidate may only have one of their required letters of support come from a member of the Executive Committee.
  • ASE Vice President and ASEF Chair nominations may have 2 – 5 letters of support.
  • All other ASE/ASEF Board nominations (Treasurer, Secretary, Council Representative, Member at Large, etc.) may have 2 – 3 letters of support.

The ideal nomination letter will:

  1. Be addressed to the Nomination Committee Chair Raymond Stainback, MD, FASE, preferably on letterhead, with a signature (electronic submission is required).
    Council Steering Committee letters should be addressed to:
    Kenneth Horton, ACS, RCS, FASE – Chair of the Cardiovascular Sonography Council Steering Committee
    Fadi Shamoun, MD, FASE – Chair of the Circulation & Vascular Ultrasound Council Steering Committee
    Paul Mayo, MD, FASE – Chair of the Critical Care Echocardiography Council Steering Committee
    Craig Fleishman, MD, FASE
    – Chair of the Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease Council Steering Committee
    Sheela Pai Cole, MD, FASE – Chair of the Perioperative Echocardiography Council Steering Committee
  2. State the full name of the candidate, the position they are being nominated for and whether this is the primary nomination letter or a supporting letter.
  3. State the qualifications of the nominating or supporting author (simple “long time member of ASE” or “previous chair/member of the XXX committee” is all that is required)
  4. State how the author knows the applicant – do you work with them, train them, served on committees with them, etc.
  5. Acknowledge from letter author, they have reviewed the requirements for the position and verify the candidate meets the criteria (see Open Positions & Criteria).
  6. Review the following areas of strengths and/or weakness: Respect in the profession, are they strategic thinkers, will they have time to serve, are they effective leaders or potential leaders, committed to ASE/ASEF organizational goals, can broadly represent the ASE membership. This is the content of the letter should contain examples to support the opinions of the author reviewing the candidate’s activities etc. This would be the section to highlight special attributes, awards etc.
  7. For Vice President Candidates please also include the following:
    *  Include your assessment of the candidate’s attributes that qualify them as a role model in the field of CV ultrasound.
    *  Include your assessment of the candidate’s unique qualifications that qualify them as an exceptional candidate for the position
    *  How will the candidate’s attributes foster the mission and goals of the ASE?
  8. The ending statement should contain a description of how strongly the author supports the nomination.

Please remember that the nomination process is confidential and you should avoid discussions with others in regards to who is nominated for which position.


Letters should be sent electronically to Suzanne Morris at