A Hearty Harvest of Research: November JASE

The November issue of JASE includes, “Prognostic Signals From Moderate Valve Disease in Big Data: An Artefact of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Structured Reporting?Author Thomas H. Marwick, MBBS, PhD, MPH, remarks, “Studies using ‘big data’ from echocardiographic databases should take steps to ensure accuracy and validity of data. These databases often derive from the clinical interpretation of many different readers, and the summary numbers are subject to the vicissitudes of how they are exported from the reporting software. The results of this paper suggest that a process of over-reading at least a proportion of the data, to identify potential errors or inconsistencies, is important.”

This issue contains another clinical investigation on data curation and classification of aortic stenosis severity, as well as other reports covering lung ultrasound after fluid challenge to distinguish pulmonary hypertension from heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, and normal values to assess LV filling pressure. Additionally, this issue features a focus topic on tricuspid regurgitation and right atrial and RV pressure, with two clinical investigations and two editorial comments on the topic, as well as a brief research communication on tricuspid regurgitation’s impact on the outcomes score in patients with pulmonary hypertension. Readers can look forward to the American Society of Echocardiography COVID-19 Statement Update: Lessons Learned and Preparation for Future Pandemics as well as a state-of-the-art review on echo patterns of abnormal septal motion. Two additional brief research communications include reports on semiautomated quantification of the tricuspid annulus using 3D echo, and the association between a novel ultrasound-based carotid plaque vulnerability score and long-term cardiovascular outcomes.

Dr. Eidem’s exploration of ASE’s core values continues with this month’s President’s Message, featuring excellence and advancing knowledge, including a research update from Co-Chair of ASE’s Research Committee, Daniel Forsha, MD, MHS, FASE.

Alan S. Pearlman, MD, FASE, and Julius M. Gardin, MD, MBA, FASE, have contributed a thoughtful In Memoriam to their colleague and former ASE President Walter L. Henry, MD, FASE, who passed away in April of 2022. Please see the November ASE Education Calendar for a listing of educational opportunities far and wide.

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