Strain Imaging Resources

ASE Resources on Strain Imaging

ASE is pleased to provide these educational resources on strain imaging. The development of strain as a clinical tool over the past 30 years has provided a technique that is accurate and reliable. Strain represents a fundamental property of matter, namely its deformation in response to an applied force. This force might be extrinsic to the heart, which is fundamental to the performance of elastography. However, most commonly, it is intrinsic to the heart, based on myocardial contraction associated with every heartbeat. Because the myocardium is assumed to be incompressible, shortening in one direction is associated with thickening in the orthogonal plane.

GE Vivid Learning Academy

ASE supports the GE Healthcare Vivid Learning Academy Strain Imaging in Echocardiography webinar series that comprises 10 episodes which will be released over the next 10 months at no cost. To access the entire curriculum, click here!

Episode 10: How to report strain imaging?


Guidelines related to Strain.


Articles published on Strain in the Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography (JASE).


Cases on Strain published in CASE, ASE’s online case reports journal.