Congratulations to ASE’s Newest FASE

So far this year, ASE has welcomed 42 distinguished Fellows of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE) recipients! These members exemplify excellence in the field of cardiovascular ultrasound through education, research, leadership, and volunteerism. They are ambassadors for ASE and recognized experts in their field. Join us in congratulating the newest FASE recipients:

  • William Bradley, DNP, NP-C, ACNP, ACHPN, FASE, AACC
  • Stephanie Paige Coleman, RDCS, FASE
  • Corrado Fiore, FASE
  • Karan Kapoor, MD, FASE
  • Jessica A. Kolb, RDCS, FASE
  • Hsin-Yueh Liang, MD, FASE
  • Christina Luuly Luong, BSc, MD, MHSc, FASE
  • Majd Makhoul, MD, FASE
  • Renato Morcerf, RDCS, FASE
  • Davoy R. Murray, MD, FASA, FASE
  • Lakshmi Muthukumar, MD, FASE
  • Andrew Philip Notarianni, MD, FASE
  • Seyedehzahra Mahshid Ojaghihaghighi, MD, FACC, FASE
  • Priscilla Paladino-Rivieccio, RCS, FASE
  • Aaron Robert Prosnitz, MD, FASE
  • Sajjadur Rahim, ACS, RDCS, RVT, MBBS, FASE
  • Samreen R. Raza, MD, FASE
  • Jason N. Salamon, MD, FASE
  • Vahid Sepehri, MD, FASE
  • Karen Elizabeth Singh, MD, FASE
  • Vianney Tedjamulia, MD, FIHA, FASE
  • Nicholas Thomas Thielen, MD, FASE
  • Dongngan T. Truong, MD, FASE
  • Karen Miller, RDCS, FASE
  • Sahar Mohammed Abdelhamid, MD, FASE
  • Rowa Attar, MD, FRCPC, FASE
  • Kelley Robert Branch, MD, FASE
  • Nicholas J. Enger, RDCS, FASE
  • Patrick T. Gleason, MD, FASE
  • Ythan H. Goldberg, MD, FASE
  • Stanislav Henkin, MD, MPH, FASE
  • Patrick Thomas Hussey, MD, FASE
  • Kamalesh R. Karthikeyan, MD, FASE
  • Dor Markush, MD, FASE
  • Pooja Natarajan, MD, FASE
  • Yaser Saeed Nemshah, MBBS, FASE
  • Cassandra Polsen, BS, RDCS, FASE
  • Gabriel Shaya, MD, FASE
  • Erik Ryan Su, MD, FASE
  • Raymond K. Young, MD, FASE
  • Raffael Pereira Cezar Zamper, PhD, FASE
  • Erick Calderon-Aranda, MD, FASE

A complete list of FASE members can be found at If you are interested in applying for FASE, or would like more information, visit next deadline to apply is June 1, 2023.

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