March Games with the ASE Foundation

Support the ASE Foundation in its first ever March Games fundraiser! This donation competition runs until April 2. Support your team of choice by donating online.

The March Games teams are:

  • Cardiovascular Sonography Council Steering Committee
  • Circulation & Vascular Ultrasound Council Steering Committee
  • Emerging Echo Enthusiast (E3) Specialty Interest Group
  • Interventional Echocardiography Council Steering Committee

These four ASE groups are competing to see who can raise the most money. Does your team have what it takes?! So far, the Cardiovascular Sonography and Interventional Echocardiography Council Steering Committees are tied for first place, both raising $100!

March is not only host to the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship Tournaments, but it’s also Women’s History Month. When you make your donation, we encourage you to think of the women in your life who have supported you, whether emotionally or professionally. Make your donation in honor or in memory of an important woman in your life. 

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