Criteria for Board of Director Members (non-officer positions)

In these positions, the directors have responsibility for the supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the Society, its committees and publications; they determine its policies or changes therein; and actively participate in formulating its objectives and in supervising the disbursement of its funds. The following positions are open:

International Member (2-Year Term)
Member at Large (2-Year Term) 2 positions open

Nominations open for all active members who meet the stated criteria:

  • Must be an active ASE Member and be a Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE) at the time of nomination.
  • Accomplishments in the field should include, but not be limited to, service to the Society, respect/reputation in the profession.
  • Previous service on an ASE committee, council or task force, preferably having chaired one of these positions.
  • Directors must agree to disclose all relationships with companies* relative to the cardiovascular field (e.g., device and pharmaceutical companies) or for-profit educational bodies (e.g., cardiovascular web businesses, etc.)  Uncompensated services, travel reimbursement, scientific advisory committees, research support, stock ownership, book royalties, and other relationships should also be disclosed to ASE and to the public.
  • Directors must declare any volunteer roles with other associations, societies, or cardiovascular-related organizations where their cardiovascular expertise is utilized.
*A company is a for-profit entity that develops, produces, markets, or distributes drugs, devices, services, or therapies used to diagnose, treat, monitor, manage, and/or alleviate health conditions.  It is also a for-profit entity that develops, produces or markets products to the medical community including medical journals, educational bodies, etc.