The Pressure Is On: September CASE

The latest issue of CASE is now available with seven fascinating reports, including “Cysts Around the Heart: Differential Diagnosis and Multimodality Imaging Strategies for Paracardiac Cysts” by Maidman et al. CASE Editor-in-Chief, Vincent L. Sorrell, MD, FASE, remarked, “CASE specializes in providing readers with real-life CV imaging examples that can be used to help you better diagnose and manage your patients. Our goal, as we work with authors during the editorial review process to create educationally meaningful images, is to provide you with common presentations of uncommon diseases and uncommon presentations of common diseases. The CASE series by Maidman et al. fulfills this goal and offers readers a reference guide to be kept in their echo lab for future use. Paracardiac cysts are very common, but their differential is diverse, making them difficult to accurately diagnose. These authors did a fabulous job of including the echocardiographic findings of the most common paracardiac cysts. The accompanying correlative images demonstrate the value of ultrasound enhancing agents, 3D echo, and tomographic imaging. Additionally, the authors created a table of the most common discriminatory echo characteristics to guide your interpretation. This is yet another CASE report that should be added to your Echo Lab CASE Files!”

This issue contains a second case in Multimodality Imaging, featuring a variety of images and tissue characteristic patterns for the diagnosis of an underlying idiopathic etiology in a patient with an LV apical aneurysm. A stunning case of a spontaneous coronary sinus thrombosis in Cardiac Tumors and Pseudotumors accompanies two astute reports in each of the Atypical Presentations of Heart Disease and Just Another Day in the Echo Lab categories, including one on a patient with a classic clinical presentation of vasculitis who later obtains the unexpected diagnosis of infective endocarditis. Dr. Sorrell’s editorial serves as a reminder of the continued importance in considering hemodynamic setting at the time of echo acquisition.

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