Advanced Echo: Online Course

Content now available with access until April 16, 2025!

Advanced Echo Online Course features the latest education on established and emerging cardiovascular ultrasound technologies. Combining the course directorships of Echo Hawaii and State-of-the-Art Echocardiography, expert faculty discuss state-of-the-art technologies with a particular focus on how they can be effectively applied in the clinical setting. Case-based approaches are used to discuss new and established applications of echocardiography for diagnosis and guiding management in patients with a broad array of cardiovascular conditions.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be better able to:

  • Integrate echocardiographic information in clinical decision making.
  • Assess ventricular and valvular function using Doppler hemodynamics.
  • Describe Doppler assessment of diastolic function/dysfunction.
  • Explain new advances in the echocardiographic assessment of left and right ventricular function, including strain and 3D.
  • Integrate echocardiographic assessment of cardiomyopathies and systemic diseases in patient management.
  • Define clinical uses of TEE and 3D echocardiography.
  • Recognize how echocardiography is used to help manage patients with ischemic heart disease.
  • Recognize the role of echo contrast and be able to incorporate its use in the echo laboratory.
  • Integrate echo information in the management of complex valvular heart disease.