Program Agenda

Content will be available March 21, 2022 with access until March 21, 2023.

Content Available from Echo Hawaii:

Physiology of systole: What are We Really Trying to Measure? J. Lindner
Assessment of systolic function: When to Use Contrast or 3D? M. Picard
When Do We Need Contrast? How Can It Be Implemented? A. DeMaria
Assessing the Right Ventricle: Role of Strain and 3D M. Picard
Evolving Role of Echo in Bedside Critical Care: Lessons from COVID S. McCartney
Strain in the Assessment of Cardiomyopathies J. Liu
Echo Beyond 2022: Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning Sanjiv Shah
Stress Echo: Improving Your Batting Average With Contrast and Other Tips T. Ryan
Chest Pain in the Emergency Room: Which Test for Which Patient? J. Lindner
Complications of Myocardial Infarction: Echo has the Answer! R. Stainback
Echo Beyond 2022 – Advanced Applications of Contrast: Perfusion and Therapeutics J. Lindner
Strategies to Make Your Lab Excellent M. Jankowski
Assessment of Atrial Function: What is the Answer? S. Shah
Global Normative Echo Data: Lessons from the WASE Study M. Picard
Echo to Phenotype and Guide Therapy of HFpEF S. Shah
Valvular Heart Disease: A Decade of Progress L. Gillam
Quantification of Stenosis: Avoid These Pitfalls W. Tsang
TAVR 2022: Who Should Get It?  Who Still Needs Surgery? L. Gillam
Starting an Interventional Echo Program: Training, Technique, and Economics R. Moss
3D Assessment of the Cardiac Valves: Learn the Views and the Anatomy S. McCartney
MitraClip: Who Is It For? How is it guided? M. Saric
Crazy Things in the Cath Lab: Plugs, Valve in Valve, Occluders L. Gillam
A Systematic Approach to Multi-Valve Disease J. Thomas
A Practical Approach to Prosthetic Valves L. Gillam
Exercise Echo and Strain to Time Intervention in VHD J. Oh
Use of Echo to Manage Endocarditis T. Ryan
Findings in Repaired Congenital Diagnosis: Expected Finding or Problem? R. Stainback
When Do Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Need An Intervention? The Role of Echo Sangeeta Shah
Use of Echo in Pulmonary Hypertension Sanjiv Shah
Cardio-Oncology: An Integrative Approach J. Liu
Multimodality Assessment of Cardiac Masses M. Saric
Amyloidosis: Diagnosis and (Finally) Treatment Sanjiv Shah
Think Quick: Make the Diagnosis with Just One Clip M. Picard
Pericardial disease: Never Miss Constriction Again J. Oh
Diseases of the Aorta: How to Deal with Different Multi-Modality Measurements Sangeeta Shah

Content Available from State-of-the-Art Echocardiography:

Quantitation of Ventricular Function: How to Complement 2D with 3D in Your Laboratory R. Lang
Cardio Oncology: Case Examples J. Hung
Mitra Clip Measurements: It Worked and It Did Not Work N. Faza
Tricuspid Valve Repair: The New Frontier S. Little
Left Atrial Appendage Occluder Device, Measurement M. Saric
Learn Clinical Diastology With Cases J. Oh
Cases: Variants of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy J. Oh
Artificial Intelligence and Echocardiography: Impact on
Sonographers and Echocardiographers
S. Lester
Pathologies of Tricuspid Valve (Carcinoid, Flail, Vegetation) S. Mankad
Left Atrial Strain: How to Obtain This J. Oh
Mitral Regurgitation, Etiology, and Quantification W. Zoghbi
Atrial Septal Defect: Secundum, Sinus Venosus, Anomalous Pulmonary Veins M. Saric