Program Vision and Description

The Society launched the inaugural class of the ASE Leadership Academy in 2018. This program provides a unique opportunity for ASE members to increase their knowledge and develop a skill set that will help them in their careers and personal life. During this 19-month program, Leadership Academy participants will be matched with a senior adviser and receive over $7,500 in high-quality online tutorials on leadership topics orchestrated by Kathy Pearson, PhD a strategist, systems thinking expert, and authority in decision making. In addition, participants will interact with Leadership Academy classmates, and meet face-to-face with ASE leaders and staff three times over the nearly two-year program.

Here is what past participants had to say about the program:

“Participating in the ASE Leadership Academy has fostered leadership development that directly applies to the current healthcare landscape. It addresses real world challenges, provides tools to navigate difficult situations and deepens your understanding of our organization and its goals. The focus and format introduced the class to thought leaders within the ASE and other experts from a broad background; helping to facilitate innovative thinking, financial acumen, and strategic thinking. Overall, I am grateful to have been a part of this program.”
Megan Kraushaar, BS, RCS, FASE – UC-San Diego Health, San Diego, CA (2024 Graduate)

“As I reviewed the syllabus for the ASE Leadership Academy, I was struck by the breadth of topics being covered. These included: Communication, Conflict Management, Effective Teams, Influence and Persuasion, Effective Management, and even Financial Acumen. This felt much more like a mini-MBA than an ASE related activity! Sure enough, with Wharton Business School faculty Kathy Pearson teaching the leadership training portion, and with many of the guest faculty coming from the business world, this turned out to be a relevant comparison. That said, with guest faculty from ASE at every session, the content was always relevant to our own experiences. Who better than ASE Treasurer Cynthia Taub to guide a small group discussion on budgeting for an echo lab? My time in the Leadership Academy is passing very quickly, and I envy those who will start in cohort 4. I am excited to partner with my colleagues in the 3rd cohort of the Leadership Academy in the years to come!”
Shiraz Maskatia, MD, FASE – Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA (2024 Graduate)

“The ASE Leadership Academy has provided me with a robust foundation to leadership concepts and styles. The course empowered me to continue on my own personal leadership journey and re-define what leadership and success look like for myself as a clinician, and otherwise as a professional. Although we deconstructed several high-yield topics and content areas as a group, the absolute highest yield from this course came from the wealth of the network that we were able to cultivate in each other as classmates and teammates, as well as with course directors and ASE leaders. This experience has truly solidified my pre-course sentiments of ASE being the right fit for my societal professional “home.”
Kiran Belani, MD, FASE, FACC – Northwestern Memorial Hospital; Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; Chicago, IL (2024 Graduate)

ASE leadership academy has been a tremendous resource for me. I learned so many core concepts which are never taught in the medical discipline and are fundamental to the success of any professional, especially in leadership positions. Beyond the learning, I benefited greatly from networking with like-minded individuals who are passionate about echocardiography and a terrific mentor who helped me navigate some of the most challenging professional issues. As part of this course, we were assigned a capstone project which involved teaming. The exercise allowed me to utilize the skills I learned from the course to find creative solutions to problems facing the society. It was a humbling experience, and I learned a great deal about my leadership style.
Bhaskar Arora, MD, FASE – Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR (2024 Graduate)

“The ASE leadership academy is a wonderful opportunity which has allowed me to network and grow alongside future leaders in echocardiography and ASE across the US. The leadership skillset acquired during this leadership academy is something that I have never had professional training/mentoring previously, and I am grateful for the opportunity the ASE has given me. The ASE leadership academy has taught me how to better work as part of a team, and how to lead a team while effectively dealing with expectations and conflicts. This invaluable skillset is enabling me to grow and take on greater leadership roles and responsibilities at my institution, as well as strengthening my involvement with the ASE.”
Bo Xu, MD, FACC, FASE – Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH (2024 Graduate)

“I applied to the ASE Leadership Academy thinking it would help guide my journey and involvement within the ASE.  What I found is that I apply the knowledge and skills I learned from Leadership Academy every single day.  Whether it’s spearheading a new project within my institution, being confident in my decision to say no, or navigating change in workflow and workforce, my ability to manage, resolve conflict, and think strategically is at the forefront of my decisions and I have learned this all from the ASE Leadership Academy.”
Melissa Wasserman, RDCS, RCCS, FASE – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (2022 Graduate)

“After being a part of the interactive and dynamic teaching offered by the ASE Leadership Academy, I feel significantly more ready to be a strong leader.  Their curriculum covers a multitude of crucial topics that I had not received training on anywhere else.  Another benefit of the course has been the ability to bond with the Academy leaders and my classmates, whom I look forward to continuing our work together as we move towards ASE leadership positions.  Thank you to the Academy leaders and organizers.”
Daniel Forsha, MD, MHS, FASE – Children’s Mercy Kansas City (2022 Graduate)

“The scope and breadth of projects I am prepared to take on and complete both at home and with the ASE has increased exponentially because of my participation in the Leadership Academy. The course materials on negotiating and conflict resolution along with the collaborative experiences with ASE committee work have been transformative.”
Matthew Parker, MD, FASE – UMass Memorial Medical Center (2022 Graduate)

“The ASE leadership academy has helped me take my knowledge and passion for the field of echo and develop the skills I need to make a difference and lead with purpose in that field. Not only have I come out of the course with new tools in my leadership toolbox, but a network of brilliant ASE minds, a compassionate mentor, and new and fast friends.”
Madeline Jankowski, RDCS, ACS, FASE – Northwestern University (2022 Graduate)