Emerging Echo Enthusiasts (E3)

Specialty Interest Groups (SIG) are created to support our members who have a like interest in specialized areas with growth potential in cardiovascular ultrasound. SIGs bring together ASE members with similar professional interests and areas of expertise, providing a forum for networking, knowledge sharing, and the development of SIG-specific programs and services within ASE.

Starting out in your career can be scary and challenging: you are now expected to find a job, apply what you’ve learned, and be an expert in echocardiography. In this moment, you may want to connect with others going through similar experiences and the Emerging Echo Enthusiast (E3) specialty interest group allows just that!

E3 is a new ASE specialty interest group for early career physicians and student sonographers who practice adult, pediatric, and intraoperative echocardiography. Our goal is to provide the new generation of echocardiographers with resources for career development, clinical education, and research collaboration. Our current projects include tutorials showing practical “tricks of the trade,” online forums on how to approach the job search and much more!

Join by selecting “Emerging Echo Enthusiasts” under your ASE profile tab and follow our Twitter @e3ASE or on ASEcho.org/e3-hub/

E3 is now hosting a new bi-weekly lecture series to help advance the knowledge of early career physicians and sonographers, and student sonographers. The first webinar will take place on

April 5, 2021- Quantification of Mitral Regurgitation: Guest speaker: Matthew Parker, MD, FASE with panelists, Stephen Little, MD, FASE; Lucy Safi, MD, FASE; and Jordan Strom, MD, FASE.


Lucy Safi, DO, FASE, Chair
Serge Harb, MD, Co-Chair
Tiffany Chen, MD, FASE
Sara Creighton, MD
Zabrina Duncan, RDCS
James Lee, MD, FASE
Marjan Miri
Nina Rashedi, MD
Amy Sarma, MD
Garima Sharma, MD
Evin Yucel, MD
Danielle King, Staff Liaison