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To be a source of educational content, networking and general information for early career physicians, scientists, veterinarians, diagnostic medical sonographers, medical technologists, nurses, and physician assistants

#ICYMI @CSEchoCa live journal club in collaboration with @JournalASEcho discussed, "Normal Values of Aortic Root Size According to Age, Sex, and Race: Results of the WASE Study" by Patel et al., from the March JASE https://youtu.be/ECuYkZNEUvI

Thesbian valve fenestrated type - can be tricky to navigate Thesbian valve,coronary sinus valve/fold in right atrium at opening of coronary sinus,for CRT implant, h/t @joemaleszewski https://bit.ly/3PpFK8N #echofirst https://twitter.com/echo_stepbystep/status/1526281731967434752


I’ll be in Seattle, June 10-13 for #ASE2022.
Final Program:


I’m really excited about the brand new ShowCASE & MACH-1 Special Session (s) events on Sunday afternoon.

You won't want to miss it!

@CASEfromASE @JournalASEcho

@gb_mackensen @UW @ASE360 @SLittleMD @ray_stainback @GiessenHanna @OKhaliqueMD @iamritu @purviparwani @EGarciaSayan @mswami001 @hahn_rt Can’t wait! #SeeYouInSeattle

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