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Emerging Echo Enthusiasts (E3) Mission Statement:

To be a source of educational content, networking and general information for early career physicians, scientists, veterinarians, diagnostic medical sonographers, medical technologists, nurses, and physician assistants

Happy FriendsGiving to all my Twitter followers- thanks for the wonderful educational discussions you have given me!

Here’s a quick reminder to Seize the Day! #JADEL

Check out this cool case!

Highlights include VSD+Tamponade+Transcaval Impella

And the best part... the patient survived!!

@wellsbryanj @AdamGreenbaumMD @emoryheart @emory_heart @cardionerds @ASE360


Delighted to be a part of this really instructive case from @MGHHeartHealth @mghecho Always happy to share the value of #echofirst ! @ASE360 https://twitter.com/nejm/status/1330511350804647938

IE complications:
windsock-type infective aneurysm on mitral posterior leaflet with systolic expansion & diastolic collapse w perforation of posterior P2 MV leaflet & resultant severe MR through perforated posterior leaflet @CASEfromASE https://bit.ly/2KxSpcU #EchoFirst @ASE360

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