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Emerging Echo Enthusiasts (E3) Mission Statement:

To be a source of educational content, networking and general information for early career physicians, scientists, veterinarians, diagnostic medical sonographers, medical technologists, nurses, and physician assistants

An outstanding effort by @ASE360 @IACaccred and in particular @DavidWienerMD. #ImageGuideEcho registry is now incorporated into QI documentation, facilitating accreditation for labs already participating in the registry https://twitter.com/DavidWienerMD/status/1392091939948879883

In an article by Ebata et al (https://bit.ly/3fhiNDQ) @JournalASEcho, #EchoFirst asymmetric RV work and increased wasted septal work in pulmonary hypertension were associated with RV fibrosis and dysfunction. @ASE360

In an article by Mah et al. (https://bit.ly/3faVv2i) @JournalASEcho, in children with HLHS, #3D #EchoFirst was superior to 2D for assessing TR jet location. Jet location differed pre- and post-Glenn procedure. @ASE360


In an article by Porter, @Jimmy_C_Lu et al (https://bit.ly/3uFnldw) @JournalASEcho, transplant-free survival and normalization of LV function after Ross were associated with preoperative LV systolic and diastolic measures. @ASE360

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