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#EchoFirst @ase360 #Cardiotwitter @sderoo01 Stab wound left upper chest. Pneumomediast∴EGD done prior to TEE. Art line:?AR, but no cardiac injury reported. TEE: No AR, small PE,  traumatic communication between distal arch and left innominate vein, facilitating diast.runoff.


Late day reading echo today;

really felt like studies took a long time to open;

blamed the new EMR;

then I saw this!

Hmmmm…. ???


Great paper in @JournalASEcho from #SKCardio investigating the impact of fetal echocardiography on the diagnosis and outcomes of vascular ring 🔥👏🔥@SafwatAly5 #fetalecho #echofirst @ASE360 @CanPaedSociety @FetalHeartSoc

There is still time to register for this weekend's #EchoFlorida Virtual Experience. With a heavy emphasis on case-based learning, you will also have unlimited on-demand viewing starting Nov 15 until Feb 13, 2022 http://ASEcho.org/EchoFlorida

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