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2 of 2: Chiari network -
First described by Hans Chiari of Austria in 1897 as Ueber Netzbildungen im rechten Vorhofe des Herzens : On the network in the right antechamber of the heart

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1 of 2: Chiari network -
An anatomic variant of importance to interventionalists as it may interfere with catheter movements in the right atrium

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Can’t believe it’s already a year since some lovely ladies from @ASE360 visited AZ for dinner with us. We had such a great time!! Can’t wait to meet them all again - in person Feb 2022!!💥🤞🏼🤞🏼

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"The #ImageGuideEcho Registry is an innovative tool for @ASE360 members to harness registry data for not only quality improvement initiatives of #echo labs but also for advancing the practice of #echofirst as a whole" - @tiffchenMD https://bit.ly/3k8gmFt #ImageGuideRegistry

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