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ASE Partners with Preventative Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA)

ASE is partnering with Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) to present education on topics that touch echocardiographers and the cardiovascular nursing team. The goal of this partnership is to share learning, perspectives, and communicate the challenges and opportunities around patient identification and management that impact both communities.

Sharing expertise across team members can provide each member with a deeper understanding of issues in various cardiovascular diseases. ASE is committed to working across the field of cardiovascular health to impact better patient care. We hope that by identifying synergies with groups like PCNA that have similar challenges and a different perspective, we can bridge gaps and build understandings for all practitioners.


ECHO VOL 11 | Issue 12

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Congress Passes the CAROL Act

ASE would like to thank Congress for passage of the Cardiovascular Advances in Research and Opportunities Legacy (CAROL) Act (H.R. 1193/S. 1133). ASE was pleased to support this bipartisan legislation. Senators McConnell and Sinema introduced the Senate companion legislation to Congressman Barr’s House legislation, which will help heart patients through expanded research, education, and investments into valvular heart disease.ASE Advocacy

According to the CDC, valvular heart disease affects 2.5% of the U.S. population. As many as 11 million Americans are living with heart valve disease and, each year, five million additional Americans are diagnosed with it. The CAROL Act pledges the necessary investments in research and prevention to aid the millions of American lives affected by this disease. We thank leaders in the House and Senate for their partnership in getting this bill done.