Automatically Renew Your ASE Membership

The 2024 ASE member renewal season is here! Did you know that ASE has an auto-renewal feature that is a convenient way to avoid a lapse in your membership and have uninterrupted access to all your ASE benefits? When you renew your membership this year, follow the steps below to sign up. Next year on November 1, 2024, ASE will charge your saved payment method with your membership renewal.*

First, add or update your payment method:

  • Log in to your Member Portal, and click My Saved Payment Methods along the left-hand side.
  • Select the + New Credit Card button, and enter your card information.
  • Click Save.

Then, proceed to renewing your 2024 membership and sign up for auto-renewal:

  • Select Renew Your Membership on the left navigation.
  • Click the Renew button to renew your membership.
  • Check the Sign-up for Auto Renewal box, and then click the Renew button.

All payment information is securely protected. Please contact ASE with questions regarding this process. You can also sign up for auto renewal by phone at 919-861-5574 or by email at

*To sign up for automatic renewal, you must complete the renewal process and renew your ASE membership for 2024. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time.

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