CASE Makes Our Heart Race Like a March Hare

The latest issue of CASE, ASE’s open access case reports journal, is now available with some insightful reports, including “Rupture of Sinus of Valsalva Causing Fistula Between Left Coronary Sinus and Left Atrium” by Sachiyo Igata, PhD, ACS, RDCS, FASE, Calvin T. Hang, MD, PhD, Andrew Y. Lin, MD, et. al. CASE Editor-in-Chief, Vincent L. Sorrell, MD, FASE, remarked, “In a beautifully written CASE report, which includes a sonographer lead-author and a past-ASE president senior author, Journal readers are able to travel along with the authors as they demonstrate the value of echo even when an incorrect interpretation of the image initially occurs. This patient has a very rare fistula between the aorta and the LA which was not readily apparent. Given the discrepant clinical and imaging findings (e.g., physical exam, echo, and cardiac cath), you learn along with the authors as they carefully present how to re-evaluate your initial interpretation by including additional relevant clinical and hemodynamic findings. This paramount approach is obligatory to enhance your success in the echo lab and this CASE dutifully reiterates this mantra. In total, this is another must-read CASE that I am certain you will enjoy.”

This issue contains several other reports including a second paper in the Congenital Heart Disease category highlighting the importance of serial TTEs in navigating the evolution of a congenital aneurysmal ventricular septum. Additionally, there are two Infections in the Heart cases on endocarditis and two in the Cardiac Tumors and Pseudotumors category, featuring a study of cardiac masses in dizygotic twins, and two Valvular Heart Disease reports. Dr. Sorrell’s editorial revisits December’s Should Doppler Always be Capitalized?, with stimulating commentary and historical perspectives on Doppler and BART/RABT color displays by Alan S. Pearlman, MD, FASE and J. Geoffrey Stevenson, MD, FASE.

Topics from March’s issue are as diverse as its contributors — Dr. Sorrell notes that 50% of this issue’s reports featured sonographers as lead or contributing authors. Be sure to check out the latest Sonographer Sound-Off and Unlock the CASE features on the CASE Homepage to engage off the page.

Looking for a journal with the best author experience to submit your case report? CASE has received rave reviews from recently published authors, one of whom noted, “I have published in other journals before but never had such an efficient and responsive editorial team.” Another author remarked, “The Editor’s questions and comments prompted us to delve deeper into the subject matter and produce something that was very unique.” Email us with questions or submit your report today!

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