January 2001

Guidelines for Cardiac Sonographer Education

Guidelines for Cardiac Sonographer Education

Cardiac sonography is a challenging and rewarding career that demands individual initiative, clinical judgment, critical thinking, and a commitment to ongoing professional development in the rapidly evolving field of echocardiography. By defining the role of the cardiac sonographer and recommending educational standards, this committee expects that the education and training of persons in this highly specialized medical field will be fostered and improved. The committee recognizes the present and projected clinical need for highly qualified cardiac sonographers and anticipates that the recommendations outlined in this report will provide guidelines to assist in the establishment and maintenance of educational programs for the cardiac sonographer. It is strongly recommended that each sonographer earn the appropriate credentials in echocardiography.


  • Ehler, Donna


  • Carney, Dennis K.
  • Dempsey, Ann L.
  • Ehler, Donna
  • Geiser, Edward A.
  • Gresser, Cris D.
  • Kimball, Thomas R.
  • Kraft, Carol
  • Rigling, Rick
  • Sisk, Eric J.
  • Waggoner, Alan D.
  • Witt, Sandra A.

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