ASE Foundation Board of Directors

ASE Foundation Board of Directors:  January 2022 – December 2022

10-Member governing body charged with oversight of ASEF’s Annual Appeal Committee, finances and strategic initiatives.


Chair (3-year term) – Nominations open for all active members

Global Representative (2-year term)– Candidate must be a member of ASE’s International Alliance Program and preferably with ASE Foundation outreach experience

Member at Large (2-year term) – Candidate must be actively involved with ASE (serving on a committee/council/task force, writing group, etc.)

Professional Fundraiser (2-year term) – Candidate must have employment experience with fundraising outside of ASE.

Per ASE’s updated Code of Ethics policy, a member will refrain from any activities, including social media, that incite or promote discrimination, racism, hate crimes, harassment, or other forms of social injustice. Therefore, prior to publicizing award winners, named lecturers and new Board members, all confirmed candidates must agree to a Social Media Screening performed by a third-party vendor.