2021 ASE GEMs

August 2021 GEMs

Debbie Meyer recognized by Vincent Sorrell

As the CASE (and JASE) managing editor, Debbie has provided phenomenal leadership and guidance which is necessary when simple cardiologists are suddenly given the reigns as the Editors. Both ASE Journals are so lucky to have her!

Andie Piddington recognized by Vincent Sorrell

As the Deputy Managing Editor for CASE (& JASE), Andie works tirelessly to bring each Issue to fruition. Late nights, weekends, emails, texts, & zooms are endless. Always a constant smile & seemingly all-knowing, the ASE Journals are lucky to have her!

January 2021 GEMs

Christin Reece recognized by Anna Ward

Christin is amazing at what she does! This past year has been really rough for her. Instead of giving up she learned from it and became a better Cardiac Sonographer. I am so proud of her. Christin loves what she does and everyone knows it.

Yvette Carvallo recognized by Bernadette Latincsics

Clear vision at onset of Covid-19 pandemic to protect employees and equipment while delivering high quality patient care. Yvette designed and developed the ‘Got Your Six’ buddy system resulting in zero transmissions of the virus to the echo staff.