ASE Responds to ABIM’s New Plans to Change MOC

The leadership of ASE is pleased to report that the ABIM announced major changes to its Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.  ASE actively participated in the ABIM’s Internal Medicine Summit on July 15, 2014 in Philadelphia and used this opportunity to articulate our members concerns.  Our ASE representative stated that there “was concern in our community regarding the increased and onerous fees, the serious issue of listing non-participators as “non-compliant” and the confusing and obscure requirements for completion of some of the new modules.”

We laud the ABIM for listening to the concerns of our practitioners and making positive changes. ASE will continue to be in contact with the ABIM to register our members concerns and work with them to influence future MOC policies.

ASE’s president Neil Weissman addressed this announcement by stating, “We heard your concerns, we sent representation to their meeting to address this, they heard us and have made changes. This announcement signals clear progress in the effort to improve the MOC process.”

ASE has been working diligently to adapt to the changes at ABIM and communicate its alterations to our members.   ASE’s Education Committee developed MOC modules last year to facilitate the process for our members; ASE now offers training onsite at our courses and online ( in an effort to reduce the burden of fulfilling these new requirements.  ASE’s role as an education provider connects us to these changes and we will continue to monitor this situation as it evolves.  Questions or comments? Contact us at

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