CPELP Question 13


Overall sonographer staffing: As of July 1, 2019, how was your echo lab staffed with sonographers to perform the echocardiograms that you reported on in Question 4 above (to closest 0.2 FTE)?

For example, if you were budgeted for 3 full time sonographers, 2 part-time sonographers for 3 days a week, and 1 part-time sonographer for 1 day a week, your Budgeted number of sonographers would have been 4.4 (3 + 1.2 + 0.2). Using the same example, if one of your 0.6 FTE part-time positions was unfilled in 2013 for approximately 6 months, your Actual number of sonographers would have been 4.1.

Include in this number any sonographers FTEs who may also be managers/supervisors if part of their position also includes performing clinical echocardiograms.