JASE iPad app updated; More user friendly

Get the latest research and science from the Journal of American Society of Echocardiography (JASE) right at your fingertips.  Download the JASE app today for your iPad! The app has been updated by Elsevier and contains many significant functionality upgrades:

  • Mobile-optimized content delivery
  • Improved search that:
    • Is clinically intuitive
    • Includes webpages that are not part of issue data (e.g., supplemental data)
    • Provides better results filtering options
    • Improves the presentation of video content in search results
    • Offers related topics/articles
  • Improved content loading and presentation
  • New “SmartCollection” tool that allows subject matter experts to create collections

Click here to download the JASE app from the Apple iTunes store into your Newsstand folder. Newsstand will automatically download new issues when they are available. Log in with your onlinejase.com password to gain access to articles. Remember that your JASE password is distinct from your ASE member password.

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